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Types of email marketing is worth exploring for consistent business success in digital era.Now-a-days marketers are following lot of tips, tricks & strategy to develop their email lay-out. They are brainstorming on various email components like including call-to-action button, personalize the copy, landing page, segment email list etc.But less attention are providing about the diversified email that send to customer at different times.
For business success, marketers need to do research on quality of design & content of various type email like new content announcement mail, newsletter, invitation for events etc.
Want to learn on those details. Let’s check below:

Engagement Email:
The main objective of engagement email to familiar customer with brand & share story of business. Unlike transactional email, this email doesn’t motivate customer for making a sale.
Many organizations use engagement email to retain customer with brand & portray the value of product with customer needs. As a result, customer psychologically ready with brand so when they show keen interest to purchase during special offer or future offer.
Here, I’m sharing few types of engagement email for further understanding.
1.New Product Announcement Mail:
This is a very common informational mail which contain new product announcement. As you know in this email, you can share next sale, ebook, webinar, coupon, free trial, discount, offer etc to update customer.This email is usually used to describe about new marketing offer with call-to-action pops which link large landing page of this offer.
If you want to make attractive the design of this email, you should draft the copy with brief but specific description of offer’s value. Moreover, keep in mind that call-to-action link need to wide & easy actionable language.You also ensure that CTA button would be visible to email readers.

2.Wellcome email:
Wellcome email is the first email that customer have received as notification after sign-up.This introductory email will share gratification to customer to tie-up with new brand & share summary of brand-values to make customer aware. Normally there is higher chance to click on first email by customer & create first impression for further rapport building.

3.Product/Service feature update mail:
Normally lot of companies send this sorts of mail monthly or weekly to keep their customer aware about upcoming product feature & offerings. Product emails are sensitive one. Normally even most loyal customer also doesn’t prefer to receive this email too frequently. To keep people engaging, it’s good to keep email content simple & easy.
Instead of sending bulk email to customer list of each product/service update, you can better send a summary all newly added features. It will keep them integrated. For clear understanding, pls include precise headline, large image & brief description. It’s also worth considering to link custom page of each feature so that customer can check in details.

4.Event Invitation Email:
Event invitation email is great source of medium to let people know the upcoming events that you’re organizing. But if you want to register maximum recipients then you have to describe the significance of events strongly.Since many organization spend considerable amount of money to organize those events so you should narrate the key feature of events to motivate registrants. Visual image in copy will be helpful to attract guests.

5.Email newsletters:
Email newsletter is one of the types of email which often contains news, articles & updates. Many organizations publish newsletter to keep people interested in their products & services. It also gently pushes audience to get their product.
Rather sending lengthy email of stories & articles, you should use visual image to captivate audience. The simple format will create convenience for the email readers to check each feature article.Within this customized email, it’s a good idea to add brief introduction, a image paired with headline & a CTA for recipients.

6.Dedicated send:
Many business organizations frequently send a dedicated email to their target audience. Suppose, your business organization is community based then it might be a great idea to send a monthly welcome mail for new joiners. Or if you are organizing certain events then send dedicated mail to all registrants to keep aware about its time-table.
Dedicated email has few advantages & disadvantages which discussed below:
• They help you to set up the context of main call-to-action
• They are easy to prepare.
• They are easy to measure its progress.
• In this type of email, there might be inconsistency between emailing schedule & offer schedule.
• It is hard to include diverse content in dedicated send.

7. Social Media Notification Email:
In the era of social media, you need to utilize email for more engagement. Any platform like, linkdin or facebook Group or Google + Events, email notification is mandatory. Any announcement within linkdin group or organizing Google+events, you can directly have access to user inbox. Separately no email or contact list collection is require.In social media email, we cannot use email software for customization of layout or image. You have to create your own copy but try to use email body with clear paragraph & subtle massage that you’d love to convey.

8.Instruction Tutorial Email:
You can send using method tutorial email to customer about product & service.This instruction guide will increase brand awareness & customer loyalty further.This email can describe what the product value it deliver & how it will meet the customer needs.
This teaching video will enhance customer confidence in product & make them interested to stick with brand.This tutorial email may include several video tutorial of usage methodology ,customer success story & public review in various social media platform.

9. Customer & brand stories email
As you know, sharing the customer stories strengthen the bond with the brand.We can share the interview & survey of customer that reflects their satisfaction & experience with product. It builds the sense of commonality.Both recorded video & picture can post in email as example.For instance, Udemy a online based learning marketplace share their customer stories regular basis in their email campaign.
What does mean by brand story? Well, brand story is inbound story of product team to describe their intent & goals of launching this product.The story become more compelling when higher management also share their personal story with this brand. It builds the sense of trust among customer.

10. Re-engagement e-mail:
The goal of re-engagement email is to knock less-active customer with the brand. They might be not so keen about previously sent email or has lower encouragement about product. In such case, marketers might design email to re-engage those customer by describing creative pitches.
Though the ratio of win back customer by re-engagement email campaign not so huge. Despite its significance is worth considering.
There are two types of re-engagement mail that work most:
1.The re-engagement mail having subject line “We miss u” or “come back” email.
2.The other re-engagement email having subject line dollar-discount offers.

11. Co-marketing email:
The co-marketing email is partnership between two complementary company’s who work together by promoting product to shared audiences, specially, in inbox.Co-marketing campaigns entails larger audience, greater conversions & multiplied revenue.
Let’s share a example of co-marketing email..
Suppose, two organizations have decided to have a joint event to promote common brands. In such case, co-marketing email might carry compelling copy with shared brand values. Further more, the events can be promoted to both party’s email list.Both party benefit from this wide exposure.
While sending this email, make sure your business mentions clearly it is venture of mutual partnership.Both party’s logo & other business logo need to be visible clearly.The visual graphics of this events need to insert in this email.

12. Internal update email:
To have a 180 degree communication, many organizations send internal update email to its internal employees & stuffs. Specially organization larger in size send this internal update or newsletter email regarding all latest updates of product launching, promotional offer or any events. It keeps connected employees with company goals.
The most important part of this email is simple & easy structure so that audience can grasp actual information. Here beauty is less priority but clarity means a lot.Once you have selected the right format of communication, pls check the placement of most critical message in the email.

Transactional email:
Transactional email is a type of automated email which differs from promotional email.Their main goal is to initiate or close sale.They are normally used on request or complaints on customer order updates.
Another feature of engagement email that they can be used real-time or pre-planned schedule .Transactional email is personalized & typically sent to individual once at a time.
Here you can find few types of transactional email that are common in practice:
13.Account/credential-related alerts:
As you know , account related email alerts actually response of various changes that takes place in user account.Customer never request this sorts of email explicitely.For example,if your facebook accounts is logged in from different location, then system sends a unrecognized alert email to you. Or dunning email alert send to whom bill exceeds the required limits.
This sorts of reminder mail alert customer about their account security or payment issue of pending bills.Other examples of this types of mail are like expiry-alert of any service, advance alert for service fee deduction etc.

14.Event-oriented response notifications
This type of emails normally contains notification like comments notification, tag notifications, event reminders, meeting alert, shipping or order update etc.Normally,event-driven notification doesn’t take place by user himself.
Rather other people triggers it in the case of social network or by the service itself with reminders or status update. This type of email alert recipients like they have a upcoming meeting or their plain will be take-off soon etc.

15.Order Confirmation email:
Typically all online stores send order confirmation or receipt email once a customer completes a transection.Apart from having the order details, you can generate additional sales through receipts. For example, email receipts can contain a coupon code which might use in next purchase. It’s recognition of repeat customer.
Go daddy are following this tactics. Another way can get additional sales by adding downloadable link in email receipts for customer future purchase. Image Comics follow this. Finally email receipts can contain branding voice along with order information which creates opportunity for new sale.

16.Follow up email:
If you online seller or offline seller , it’s quite frustrating situations if customer have to wait more other then expected waiting period. In such case, you can send a post-transaction email giving the order update status whether the product shipped, arrived & delivered. You can easily promote your branding values within this sales follow-up email receipts. In this type email receipts, you can add below two information along with the order update:
• How can customer check order arrival info & what they have to do to collect orders.
• The contact information of customer support number in case of any query & complaints & detail information of upcoming offer details.
In this manner, there is opportunity for new sale through order update email.

17.Review request email:
Once the transaction will complete, you can ask for customer review or opinion about the purchased products through email. The evidence of review on online store, social media business page or third party review sites create trusts & credibility among new customers. As many good review, it is higher chance of more clicks through rates.

18.Abandoned Cart email:
Abandoned cart email is an email sent to a customer who selected an item to the shopping cart but has not finished the transaction.This email is significant for gaining more sales conversion, potential profit & passive clients.
For maximum ecommerce business, it creates huge obstacles for their sales funnel that customer who add products in their cart but left without completing the purchasing.Hence,online stores send cart abandoned email to pursue those left customer by reiterating the value &features of customers.
A ideal cart abandonment email contain attractive copy along with call- to -action to give customer reminder that they might miss something.

19.Time-expiry email for existing promotions:
Time-expiry reminder email provides information to customer of almost ending of timeline of promotional offer. There is limited stock of products/ services & even share available last-time discounts for the customer.
Marketers must use compelling word in email subject-line to create urgency among customer.This sensitivity might create customer to pursue sales at the last time.

20.Form submission email:
When a subscriber or prospect once fills up your landing pages , then a auto-generated kickback mail should send to customer inbox as confirmation. These email are also known as Thank you email. This email just acknowledges your response of submission & pledge to keep your information in private.
Pls ensure these types of email remain as simple & easy. As reader will not give much time to invest in this types of email. Pls keep in mind that CTA should link to the direct offer not to landing pages.Furthermore, this email will clearly shares the link to the PDF of an ebook or how can they open the coupon or free trial which they requested.

21.Lead nurturing email:
Lead Nurturing email helps marketers to build the rapport with their subscriber & prospects really want.Lead nurturing campaign initially identify the customer need & later share specific content based email depending upon specific audience.
In lead nurturing email , you might mention we have found you’re particularly interested in topic & downloaded our ebook, so we will send personalized series of email as per your interest.

At last after discussing details the type of emails list, it simply states that as long as actual message of email would simple & clear, customer will keep their interest with brand. Too much importance on design, graphics or visual might obstruct to reach actual gist to the customer. So they feel each mail as spammy. However, only clear tunnel vision will save the goals.


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