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Are you looking for best email marketing service provider for your business growth? Are u aiming for great tools to connect with your site-visitors, build longer lasting relationships & convert them into the customers? In such case, email marketing services can have super-impact to get success your marketing campaign. The best email service platform will give assurance the highest return on investment (ROI) among marketing channels.
So how can you proceed?
There are lot of dynamic email service provider remain in the market. You will select the provider depending upon pattern of your business.
For example, if you’re a blogger then a text-based welcome series email from Convertkit would be awesome .Or if your business is sales-focused, then you can to Hubspot for robust inbound marketing tools.
Email marketing services are mostly the same – features and price-wise. This includes free trials, a wide array of email templates, social media integrations and email scheduling.
This article will share 10 best email marketing services for businesses that should make your decision a lot easier.

The benefits of Email Marketing:
As you know email marketing is great method to keep contact with your site-visitors once they exit your website.
Here, we’ll explain in brief few key-benefits of email marketing in general:

• Targeted & personalized content
• Superior brand recognition
• Build trust
• Enhance customer relationships
• Increase sales
• Better utilization of time & budget
• Matrics for key evaluation
• Establish authority
• Multiply traffic to your website.
• Create enthusiasm
• Minimum cost
• Easy to get started.
• Easy to share
• Easy to reach to global audience
• Quick impact
• Significant return of investment

How can you select best email marketing services?

Identifying the best email marketing service is crucial for your business success. Now important matter is which factors you have to look for.

Here we are pointing out top categories of a best email marketing service provider that you can keep in mind while selecting:

• Subscription forms
• Free email templates
• Easy-to-use email builder
• Segmentation & tagging
• Preview-mode
• Personalization
• Triggered email or auto responders
• Resend option to un-opened email
• Analytics & reports
• Open API
• Multiple access permission
• ESP languages
• 24/7 customer support
• Available multi-channel marketing
• Price & free plans
• Spam-checking
• Spam-compliance
• Integration with other system

Let’s discuss top 10 popular email marketing service provider in the market with its features, advantages, disadvantages & suitability with business.

1. Constant Contact

One of the largest service platforms Constant Contact started its journey as Roving software in 1995 & turned to his current name in 2004.It is the great service platform for the new starter.

Core features

• Easy to manage email lists, contacts, email templates, marketing calendar, and more.
• Seamless tracking & reporting system
• Embedded social media sharing tools
• List segmentation
• Facebook ads integration
• Free image library
• Strong e-commerce integration for Shopify stores
• 100+ modern mobile optimized template to rapport & convert customers.
• Excellent feature of event management & handy to use invitations, registrations, and tickets:
• Email plus accounts contain features like email automation,coupons,online donations,surveys & polls & subject line A/B testing.
• Manage email campaign activity to make better data-driven decisions
• Identify unsubscribe, bounces, and inactive emails
• Continuous support with live chat and phone support, emails, and discussion forums along with huge library with helpful resources.

Who is eligible for this tools:

Constant contact program is mainly helpful for the entrepreneur & startups creating products and services for small businesses.

Pricing & plan

Constant Contact offers free 60-day trial & no credit card required to use. Following that ,plan begin with $20/month.

Sendin Blue

Sendin Blue is one the finest service provider to keep your audience engaged by the perfect message at the right time, in the right place. It is offering both email & sms marketing software.its embedded tools are user friendly & simple.

Core features

• Built-in drag & drop builder for personalized email which is highly suitable for the beginner.
• Free responsive templates for compelling news paper.
• Feature of creating custom contact fields
• Access of HTML editor.
• To reach to the right audience with right email, there are 8 automaton workflows.
• Sound automation for serving transactional email & segment users.
• A1 algorithm helps to send bulk email with highest deliverability.
• Offering free marketing plan to send 300 email per day but with their branding.
• For successful campaigns offers detailed reports , heat map tools, real- time stats & A/B testing.
• Lead scoring feature for ranking.
• Feature of integrated live-chat software.
• Offers separate SMTP bulk email marketing service which is useful for transactional email for the wordpress users.

Pricing & plan
Paid plan costs $25 per month.SMS feature can also incorporate but its pricing depends on sending frequency & quantity.


Dribble is an amazing email promoting stage for eCommerce, bloggers, and advanced advertisers. They offer a wide scope of instruments to promote their marketing campaign, increase sales funnel & personalization rapport with customer.

Core features

• Easy integration of all famous website builders including WordPress & Woocommerce.
• User-friendly sign up form for site visitors & detect more leads.
• For showcasing marketing campaign, their Campaign Monitor is awesome tools.
• To increase faster sales, Drip facilitate smarter email segmentation & a visual workflow builder.
• They offer customized message for higher open rate & good CTR.
• Track the number of e-book downloads, sign-up & quote request.
• Monitor the conversion rate for earning more money in online.
• Deliver custom conversion report.
• Facilitate view of 10 built-in-reports in your wordpress dashboard & export statistics.
• Great customer support options like live chat support, webinars, automation training, detailed courses, free guides and excellent documentation.
• Dynamic bulk email sending option by its e-commerce marketing automation.

Who is eligible for this tools:

It’s highly compatible for e-commerce websites & business owners who always looking for updated feature.

Pricing & plan

As an initial offer, it delivers a free account up-to 100 customers. After that its starts with $49 per month for all its features upto 2500 customer.

5. Convertkit

ConvertKit is a powerful email service platform for proficient bloggers, creators, and advertisers.Its features are highly user friendly & simple.

Core features

• Simple email sign-up form for offering content upgrades & incentives.
• Easy auto responders allow to send Drip email from their own emailing service.
• Offer customized template for sign-up form, pop-up form, course sign-up & landing pages. As these forms are GDRR compliant, so it ensures higher deliverability & reduce spam.
• Helpful to create automated funnel for subscribers.
• Higher list segmentation
• Increase sales with precise content.
• Sharing of new blog post once content is published.
• Easy homepage dashboard.
• Personalized email with simple text.
• Resist email to enter into spam folder.
• Easy drag & drop feature.
• As support system, they offer email based support & huge resource for knowledge materials.

Who is eligible for this tools:

Convertkit develops it maximum features for professional bloggers hence it is highly suitable email marketing services for professional blogger.

Pricing & plan
Initially Convertlit offers a 14-day free trial & then their cost starts with $29 per month upto 1000 subscribers.They also offer 30 day refund policy

5. GetResponse

Get Response is another very famous & powerful email marketing solutions with its key features. It is highly straight-forward, simple & easy to operate solutions.

Core features
• It shares some ground-breaking marketing automation tools for managing automated campaign.
• Its unique drag & drop builder helps to make campaigns, specific contact segments & share content to the targeted group.
• It offers dynamic auto responders A/B testing & monitoring.
• It delivers diversified responsive forms & landing pages .
• It can also easily connect with third party lead generation software like OptinMonster, SalesForce, Google Docs, ZenDesk, etc.
• Customer support system consists with phone, email, live chat & full of knowledge materials.
• This platform helps to manage your marketing campaign based upon customer behavior.
• It facilitate customized template for cart abandonment.
• Create and arrange webinars on your website

Who is eligible for this tools:

It’s highly eligible for entrepreneur & owner of small business.

Pricing & plan

Initially it offers 30 day free trial & then it starts with $15 per month.


Mailchimp is one of the popular email service solutions specially for its forever email marketing service plan.Along with, it’s also highly effective for collecting & handling site visitors email address.

Core Features:
• It offers highly affordable features like user-friendly email builders & auto responders. Along with, targeted customer segmentation & easy tracking system.
• It helps to make segmentation based upon geolocation & set delivery time based upon subscriber’s time zone.
• It can easily connect with WordPress, Shopify,Magento & other platforms.
• Mailchimp offers landing page, email campaign, signup form, and Facebook ad templates. This feature definitely helps to reach target audience with right content.
• It shares customized real time-stat report & data of email ROI with revenue report.
• it can integrate with easily various apps like Salesforce, Zapier, and even Freshbooks.
• It allows merge tags to personalize emails.
• Utilize their landing page builder to grow your email list.
• Manage automatic emails based on user behavior using the auto responder.
• Customer support deal with email, live chat & huge resource of knowledge tutorials.

Who is eligible for this tools:

Milchimp is highly user-friendly for blogger, eCommerce shop owner, or a business corporation.

Pricing & plan

Mailchmp is highly economical about his pricing.If offers free email service & even you can create email list upto 2,000 customer before you pay.After exceeding its limit, plan starts with $10 per month.

7. Aweber

Aweber is high-quality email marketing service which has been around for almost 18 years. They even created email auto responder by itself.

Core Features

• Easy to integrate seamlessly with other platform like wordpress.
• They offer drag & drop email builder,wide-range of pre-designed templates, list management tools & analytics reports.
• Its list management feature helps to import email list & make a database from common file types like XLS,XLSX,TXT,CSV & TSV.
• There is feature of automated email sequence which is mainly based upon email triggers & generates follow-up email sequence. Through this you can have data of open rate data, deliverability rate & can check the A/B test of your emails.
• As a customer support, there is live chat, email & phone support available Mo-Fr 8 AM to 8 PM EST and weekends 9-5 EST.

Who is eligible for this tools:

Aweber is highly advantageous for small & medium sized businesses with their all efficient tools.

Pricing & plan
To get started, they offer 30 day free trial. Their paid plan starts with $19 per month.For more saving, you can sign up for quarterly & annual plan.

8.Campaign Monitor

Campaign monitor is industry leading email marketing platform for brands, CM Commerce & for e-commerce shops.Campaign monitor started its journey & till now their powerful email marketing & simple automation tools service customer to gain higher profit.

Core Features
• They are offering dynamic drag & drop email builder which makes email marketing simple & straight-forward.
• You can create customized email campaign from their hundreds of pre-built templates for increase site visitor & higher conversion.
• If you are concern about brand, then you can use their Premier plan . It gives extra security to keep your brand consistency.
• Their feature monitors the subscriber activity like active, inactive & unsubscribed.
• List segmentation & triggered automated email based upon customer behavior.
• You can measure the open rate, bounce, clicks & shares for making further improvement.
• Friendly feature of having ability to connect with e-commerce & CRM.
• Feature of A/B testing , subject line etc.
• As a bonus feature, video can be added from you tube & vimeo.
• They have over 250 pre-built integrations to add with various 3rd party apps like WordPress, Magento & Salesforce.

Who is eligible for this tools:

Campaign monitor is highly suitable for small & medium businesses along with e-commerce owners.

Pricing & plan

are quite pricy. Their basic plan starts with $9 per month upto 2,500 mails .Once this limit expired, you can avail unlimited plan for $29 per month.

9. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is one of the youngest email marketing platforms in this tribe. It offers simple, straight-forward & uncomplicated numerous tools for successful campaigns.

Core feature

• It is serving for international audience & their tools offers in multiple languages.
• Powerful drag & drop email builder to create beautiful & professional news letter.
• It can generate popups landing pages & embedded form generates more audience.
• Their advanced targeting feature can send right message to right audience through email automation, tagging, personalization & segmentation.
• To optimize campaign, they offer A/B testing, triggering & delivery by time zone.
• They offer 24/7 email & phone support.

Who is eligible for this tools:

Mailerlite is highly affordable use for Freelencers, website owners & small business owners.

Pricing & plan

They offer their free plan up to 12,000 mail emails per month which is limited feature. If you start with their plan of $10 month, you can have full access to their all features.

10. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the leading email marketing platform which started his journey on 2005 . It is highly functional email service solutions in terms of optimizing email campaigns & boosting sales.

Core features
• You can create beautiful & professional email without taking any designer help from their simple drag & drop editor . They have numerous templates which ensure to reach right message to right audience. Easy to change layout, integrate call-to-action & adjustment of color & font.
• Hubspot offers dynamic tools for personalization .For example, you can use common merge tags for personalizing your content. You can also use email subscriber lifecyle stage, list member ship, user device, customer behavior, geographic location etc to build your content.
• You can use Smart Send functionality when you ready for publishing email.It’s good for higher open rate & click through rate by adjusting time.
• You can maximize Hubspot analytics dashboard to check open, click, span of visit & bounce rate.Their reporting tools gives you detail data of subscriber read, skimmed or glanced.
• Their mail deliverability is almost 99% & they thoroughly test & preview email to ensure this.

Who is eligible for this tools:
Hubspot is one of the famous integrated email marketing package irrespective of their size.

Pricing & plan
Initially it offers free trial then you can subscribe for the $50 plan package of Marketing Hub Starter.

Final word:

At the end I would like to say you that select email marketing provider based upon your business goals, strategy & affordability. Though all email marketing provider more or less giving similar service, but check the marketability of service prior lock out you deal. Another point as long as you are not finalizing any email marketing provider your money will reap no benefits so start looking for your choice without any delay.


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