How To Apply Pinterest SEO For Your Business Success


A concrete Pinterest SEO strategy is super-important for driving higher traffic & sales for bloggers, small business owners, and e-commerce stores & alike. In reality, SEO on Pinterest is undoubtedly highly significant than any other social platform existing right now.

If any user or entrepreneur surf the internet to check weight loss recipes, gluten-free cookie recipes, or mommy’s blog, then it would be a highly absurd conception considering the success story of Pinterest for business growth.

Although it is often people blended with other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest is originally a visual discoverable search engine.

In this blog post, we’re sharing an extensive discussion on how to apply Pinterest SEO for generating higher traffic in your sites, boost your sales & illuminate your brand’s presence.

The Significance of Pinterest for Business Success:

Now, you may think what’re the key forces that signify so much about the Pinterest platform?

Then let’s go through below collected statistics:

  • More than 200 billion pins saved on interest
  • Active user base of Pinterest increased 26% to 335 million last year
  • Pinterest is now the third-largest social network in the U.S.
  • Pinterest shares 88 million MAUs in the U.S., marking an 8% year-over-year growth.
  • Pinterest’s revenue gained $1 billion in 2019
  • Pinterest considers as the 10th most relevant brand in the U.S.
  • Pinterest is most famous with women—especially moms.
  • 45% of all women online are Pinterest users
  • 50% of new signups are men
  • Some 43% of Internet surfers in the U.S. have a Pinterest account
  • 600 million of Pinterest’s monthly searches are visually discoverable.
  • 40% of engagement ratio received in related Pins account for on Pinterest.
  • 6x as many video views in 2019 was 6x as there were in 2018
  • Pinterest images reach 83% of U.S women ages 25-54
  • There were 600 million Pinterest Lens searches in February 2018
  • 59% of millennial have discovered products on Pinterest
Another important fact you need to know what people search on Pinterest?
Pinterest is not just a social media platform; it’s also a community where people share their dreams, aspirations, ideas, products, services, creations, etc.
Pinterest creates a massive opportunity for interactive engagement among like-minded people that builds an outlet for sales funnel & growth.

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How Pinterest SEO Works for Business:

Before diving into an extensive discussion about Pinterest SEO for business, just simply highlighting what does mean by basic SEO?


As per, “SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results”. So, in short, we can say that SEO is a process of ensuring the visibility of a website or webpage by a user’s organic search.

Now you may find a similarity between Pinterest & Google SEO, yes they have pretty good familiarity in terms of ranking factors like Authority, Expertise, and Relevance & Trust.


Let’s dive into details of how Pinterest SEO works for business below:


  1. Set up SEO friendly business profile
  2. Create key-word focused bio
  3. Verify & integrate your website with Pinterest
  4. Follow other accounts to drive traffic
  5. Establish business goals for traffic & conversion
  6. Use the keyword research option of Pinterest
  7. Optimize board with relevant title & description
  8. Apply video pins
  9. Configure & design the perfect pin for attention-grabbing
  10. Describe all about the pin in details
  11. Use Tailwind for pin scheduling
  12. Join group boards
  13. Enhance engagement
  14. Use the rich pin
  15. Use Pinterest Paid ads for more traffic
Set-up SEO Friendly Business Profile

Basic Pinterest SEO starts with configuring an SEO-friendly business account. If you wish you can switch your personal account to a business account to acquire its all benefits. This will allow you to use Pinterest Analytics & Pinterest Ad Manager.


The easiest way to search your brand is to add keywords to your display name. The included keyword should contain what your business is all about for easy understanding.


Also, make sure that your user name also contains concise & specific SEO-friendly keywords as it’s direly related to the profile URL. The acceptable user name length is 3-15 characters. If you lessen your username then ensure it is still recognizable. SEO-optimized Pinterest profile helps your brand easily distinguishable to the potential clients.


Create Keyword Focused Bio:


As your Pinterest profile’s “About” section appears in searches, so it would be wise to add strategic keywords. The maximum length of your “Bio” is 200 characters, so ensure to relevant & specific keyword that defines your business or brand. It’s a very helpful SEO tips for Pinterest platform.


When you first draft your “Bio”, match & check with other bio sections of the same field & looks locatable keywords are added or not. If something is missing, then edit the bio & make it user-friendly.


If you love to add more juice as a business slogan or bio, then you can add it in the second sentence, but keep the first sentence only for rich keywords. For more engagement, you can add attention-grabbing Call-To-Action in your bio.


The last & but most fundamental thing is to configure an eye-catching Logo in your bio. 

Verify & Integrate Your Website with Pinterest

As an effective strategy for Pinterest SEO, integrate your website with Pinterest platform. The reason behind that you can utilize your website data to run a Pinterest ad campaign. Along with you can also send traffic to your website.

To accomplish this goal, set Pinterest Tag with your website which is just work like Facebook Pixel can facilitate the below outcomes as result:


  1. Track & segment your audience.
  2. Manage different conversion campaigns on your website.
  3. It shares a trustworthy report about profile effectiveness.


You can add the “Save” button to ensure the higher reach of your campaign beyond Pinterest. This simple installation helps user to save images on Pinterest board & their website. These save buttons show automatically over the top-left section of images when the user browses.


Now comes to the important setup of claiming your website with Pinterest. The benefits of verifying your websites are that user can recognize easily your brand when your website URL appears at your profile. Another key factor it gives your profile professional looks which leads your traffic higher.


To boost your sales, you can verify your business as a “Merchant” on Pinterest. The benefits of doing so are that while the user visits your profile & found blue-checkmark as “Verified Merchant”, it creates more trustworthiness about your brand & they will be inspired to shop from your account.

Follow Other Accounts to Drive Traffic

As Pinterest is a visually discoverable search engine, so it is fundamentally important to follow others’ accounts strategically. It is quite significant tools for Pinterest SEO checklist.


If you follow the right kind of audience, it helps Pinterest to determine at which board & profile they suggested to follow you.


When you ensure you’re following similar kinds of people, then your pin will have a high probability to appear in their follower’s suggested pin recommendations.


As Pinterest facilitates following tabs so the content creator can easily design a pin that their followers love to view for quick visibility


Pinterest’s Head of Product Marketing, Sarah Hoople Shere utter that “the quality of your followers is more important than the number of followers. This is better to have a low number of highly engaged followers than a large number of followers that rarely engage”.

Another key strategy along with following like-minded community starts following influencers & celebrities who have an alignment with your brand. It helps to boost your traffic indeed.

Establish Business Goals for Traffic & Conversion:

As you know that Pinterest is a highly effective lead generation tool, so to capitalize on your business success, you should establish the below goals for the desired outcome:


  1. How can you use Pinterest for your brand’s marketing strategy?
  2. Are your potential clients search for a Pinterest brand like you?


If you find your above answer is satisfactory, then you can run several conversion campaigns by using the Pinterest tag for generating higher prospects.

Use Keyword Research Option of Pinterest:

As per known statistics, almost 86% of Pinterest users surf Pinterest for online shopping & they spend extended time here for their search than other social media users.

Considering this, it’s significant to understand how to conduct keyword research on Pinterest to acquire the highest sales for your business.

Let’s identify how Pinterest helps us to get relevant keywords for your business:

a)Utilize Guided Search Option of Pinterest:

Like Google, guided search options provide all popular key terms of the topic while you input the key term of your niche in the suggested bar. These autocomplete suggested keywords give you a clear idea about your target audience how they can search or what they search about their desired products or service.


They also recommend popular pinners & boards of the same niche. Just use those suggested modifiers to earn a higher outcome.


Once you click on any suggested keyword, they will show you a long array of guided keywords they normally user search for on this niche.


This guided search option is scrollable from right to left. If you pick any of these key terms from this bucket, it will give more ideas of associated key phrases of the same niche that users commonly search for.


Through this entire guided process of keyword research on Pinterest, you can get relevant pin & board ideas & for other SEO purposes.

b) Find Niche Topic
Do you know what Pinterest makes so easier to identify the desired niche?

Yes, Pinterest categorizes & sub-categorizes each topic or idea to explore relevant keywords.

Pinterest algorithm shares details about the popularity of those categories & subcategories. If you click on sub-topics, you can find the number of followers that follow that topic which will be helpful to select your relevant keywords. In this way, you can also observe how your competitors also choose which trendy keywords.

c) Examine with Promoted Pins:

To explore profitable keywords & long-tail phrases, you can utilize Promoted Pins Ad Platform like Google or Facebook Ads.

Before launching a campaign, the search box will suggest all productive keywords for ultimate success that might be a great source for researching worthy keywords.

Optimize Board with Relevant Title & Description:

If you want to get the optimal outcome of your Pinterest SEO then organize & utilize your boards with SEO-friendly keywords which make your boards easily searchable.


 Your designed boards will give the first impression while visitors’ visit your profile as to how you organize your products & contents. Hence, try to keep Boards super-specific with your niche & upload a catchy custom cover for the board.


Another important point to keep in mind is that after creating the correct board name & relevant custom cover; write the detailed keyword-rich description for that board. It’ll help customers search & identify what your board is all about.

Apply Video Pins:

Do you know right now most of the attention-grabbing pins on Pinterest are video pins?


Yes, video pin is undoubtedly created higher engagement for brands & businesses on Pinterest. Video pins turn Pinterest SEO strategy more dynamic & user-friendly.


Video pins are especially popular for learning & educational content like recipes, how-to’s, methods, tutorials & so on.


As per statistics, Views of organic video Pin are up 240% year on year—especially nurtured by food and beverage, beauty, DIY, entertainment, and home decor.


Another fact is that video pins have the capacity for storytelling of any brands & business then images which is vital for alluring attention potential prospects.


For your convenience, I’m sharing another aspect of video pins that plays a pivotal role in SEO strategy. Suppose if you search any popular topic like home decor, healthy living through Pinterest mobile apps, then video pins always appear top in search results.


Configure & Design the Perfect Pin:

As you know that Pinterest is a visual search engine where alluring pins catch the eyes of potential customers, hence there’s no alternative to create eye-catchy & unique pins on this platform.


Along with Pinterest is ever-changing so you have to always stay in alignment about new pin graphics, trends, fonts, sizes, wording, texture, etc to compete with others. It’s the constant demand of Pinterest algorithm.


As per rules, the SEO-friendly size of the pin template is 1,000px by 1,500px or a ratio of 2:3.


As per Pinterest, the vertical pin is more acceptable as the pin stands out in the column. Long pin tries to be avoided to design as it’s likely to cut off on mobile view. To make the pin visually attractive, always try to use high-contrasting colors.

Before using any image on a pin check out its legality otherwise, it causes cost unnecessarily.


And most importantly, for easy discovery try to use enticing & SEO-friendly titles on the pin. As much as your title will be readable, the click-through rate will be higher.

Describe All About Pin in Details:

As you know one of the most important places for SEO keywords is pin title & pin description. The content creator needs to use targeted keywords with detailed descriptions on the above places so that Pinterest easily appears those images once searcher looking for those content.


You need to highlight narrative descriptions on pins about their product, service, or information that they are offering. As much as unique in this respect apart from your competitor, there’s more likely to get click-through-rate.It helps to rank faster in Pinterest.


The optimal size of your pin title is up to 100 characters but try to keep the title concise, definite & specific.


In addition, the pin description is approximately 500 characters so try to give key information here for grabbing the audience’s attention.


Normally first 50-60 characters are visible on the home feed, so try to design your narration considering this. Also, ensure that you utilize an important hashtag & your brand name on the pin description.


To drive more traffic, use suggested keywords that are given in popular search fields on Pinterest.


Use Tailwind for Pin Scheduling:

In 2020, the most key factor on Pinterest marketing is as much as the volume of fresh & unique content in the platform, audience reach is higher in this respect.


Consequently, content creators & marketers are emphasizing more on fresh content creation to keep up this traffic. To manage this content curation process (resharing of own & other people’s pin), tailwind became the inevitable organ for pin creators. It’s a super-effective tool for Pinterest SEO.


Tailwind is now the #1 app for Pinterest & both desktop & mobile apps can be used for pin distribution. As manually pin management & distribution are so time-consuming, so tailwind facilitates the automated distribution of pins on relevant boards considering optimum time. This is just terrific help for pinners.

Join Group Boards

Do you know when group boards started working on the Pinterest platform?


Yes, before 2014 Pinterest allowed pinners to join group boards. The goal was for multiple content creators, marketers & bloggers can share as much as pins in front of new audiences.


After 2015, Pinterest algorithm changes & home feed was saturated based upon chronologically pin posting basis. The previous scenario of posting pins like spammy without considering the relevance of niche on group culture just changed.


Right now, Pinterest prefers to join boards that are relevant to your niche. You can find group boards by joining groups like Pingroupie or can participate through Facebook group Pinterest group boards. Another means of joining group boards is to check the profile of pinners of your same niche.


Once you join several group boards, you can use tailwind apps for sharing your pin & other’s pin automatically.

Enhance Engagement:

For the Pinterest algorithm, engagement is the key metric for pinner’s success. Because depending upon engagement, your pin will be more visible, traffic will be more spikes up & the conversion rate will be higher.


For effective engagement, align Pinterest accounts with other social media accounts which will drive traffic from other platforms. For SEO success, use text overlay on your pin images for driving more traffic.


To maintain consistency, try to pin 5 times per day to remain your account active. Along with that, following group boards for your niche will broaden your opportunity for your pin visibility.


Last but not the least; use Pinterest analytics to get detail idea about your profile performance. Check each matrix-like impression, click-through rate, audience insights, board performance, etc which give you clear insight into how you can improve your profile activities. It will provide you with clear knowledge of how you can improve pin content & graphics as well.


Use Rich Pin:

If you want to enhance your SEO goals on Pinterest then there is no alternative to using a rich pin. Rich pin adds more value to created pin as it gives details information which helps to discover pin easily by the audience & consequently increase higher traffic to your sites.

The official definition of rich pin in Pinterest is as below:


“Rich Pins show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increasing engagement. Information in a Rich Pin is independent of the Pin description, ensuring that important information is always tied to the Pin. There are 4 types of Rich Pins: app, article, product, and recipe Pins.”

Use Pinterest Paid Ads for More Traffic:

As you know that, Pinterest is an awesome platform for driving organic reach to your site despite that you can utilize Pinterest paid ads for the more desired results.


The most famous ad formats are as below:


  1. a) Standard (image)
  2. b) Video
  3. c) Shopping: Pin from where customers can buy products instantly.
  4. d) Carousel: Customer can browse through multiple images
  5. e) Collections: Mix photos with product images.


You can choose your preferred ad format depending on your business. You can select your best-performing pin that already exists or new images or videos or popular images from your websites to promote your new ideas or product by paid ads on Pinterest.

Apply Video Pins:

After discussing all SEO tips, tricks & strategies, you can have a holistic idea of how to perform for your business growth. As long as you publish fresh content & do it consistently, it would not take much time to boost your brand & business.


Remember, your content on Pinterest can survive a longer time compared to other social sites so invest time & energy here to expect great ROI.


So, what’re you looking for?


Go ahead & start practicing the best SEO strategy for business on Pinterest!!!