Follow These 10 Classic Steps to Become a Content Writer with No Experience


In this era of digital marketing, content writing is quite lucrative & demanding profession. To create brand value & offer problem solutions to the clients, lot of firms usually looking for freelance content writer. Right now, content writing is a very wide & vast field that to start career as a content writer would be a life-changing decision. In this guide, we’ll share 10 classic steps to become a content writer with no experience.


This blog post will cover below table of contents:


  • What is content writing?
  • What are the major educational qualifications to become a content writer?
  • What skills are required for content writer?
  • Is content writing easy?
  • What are the online content writing courses for the beginners?
  • What are the different types of content writing?
  • Where do I get content writing jobs?
  • 10 classic steps to become a content writer with 
  • Conclusion

So, stay tune with us!

What is Content Writing?

There is a common question of many:

What do you mean by content writing?

Lot of people who want to build their career on content marketing asks this common question. Though, maximum believe that content writing means article writing.

Back in 1996, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates stated that “content is king”. This claim is still evergreen. Content marketing right now became so popular field that every marketer is trying to formulate quality & useful content to sell their product & enhance their brand identity.

In digital marketing, content writing meaning is bucket of information either in text or in visual form. The main purpose of quality content is to deliver useful information & solution to the potential target audience.

In the web, we find various forms of content like blogposts, articles, eBooks, social media posts, video & podcast script etc.

A professional content writer can create his or her masterpiece by making content clear, concise, well-researched & well-composed which produce value to the intended audience.

A wise content writer always can generate high-quality work if they understand the inherent problems of the clients & provide pinpoint solution of that problem.

A skilled content writer usually became proficient in developing SEO optimized article so that audience can discover them in top rankings of Google & other search engine platforms.

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What are the major educational qualifications to become a content writer?

Usually, there is no mandatory requirement of having specific professional diploma or degree to start a content writing career.

Though having good academic background on writing, editing & publishing will be added advantage.

Few organizations prefer content writer having academic background in Mass Communications, Journalism, English or Creative writing. For technical writer, having in depth knowledge on respective field will create more authority & trust in developing contents.

What skills are required for content writer?

Though as a content writer, you should have major skills of clear, compelling & engaging content writing capability but also you need to develop following skill sets:

  • Good research skills
  • Produce unique & original content.
  • Deep technical knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Effective story-telling capacity
  • Good command in grammar & style
  • Ability to follow the deadline
  • Deep knowledge about social media platforms
  • Sharp proof-reading & editing skills.
  • Advance skills on computer literacy & other common content writing tools.
  • Flexibility to learn new writing pattern.

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Is content writing easy?

There is some overwhelming concern of some folks that content writing might be super-difficult. They feel unsure to take freelance writing as a profession due to its complexity & intricacy.

Well, for your clarification, I am telling you some brutal truths.

Until you start anything nothing will be easier for you. So, getting started is the main thing.

Even if you are thinking you have promising merits to learn anything despite that you need to learn all nitty-gritty of any skills.

Apart from that you need to read various books & articles consistently to grip the writing flow.

And most importantly, keep your writing on any niche or topic at continuous basis. There is no room for shutting down writing due to lack of motivation.

Those who want to build career on content writing, they need to think themselves as life-time learner to sharpen their writing skills.

Finally, you need to have strong patience. Because learning content writing skills is not a matter of one day. It needs time & effort to build strong foundation to be a competent content writer.

What are the online content writing courses for the beginners?

To develop well-written & attention-grabbing content is not a cup of tea for all. Though online writing career gives the opportunity to become a digital nomad-work remotely from your home, but as a beginner you should take part few course & certification programs for content writing.

Here, we are listing few free online content writing courses for beginners. You can participate those educational programs to enhance your content writing skills & expertise:

  • Free online creative writing courses bundle-Skillshare
  • Fundamental of Digital Marketing by Google
  • Ninja writing-the four levels for writing mastery-Udemy
  • Content writing certification by Hubspot.
  • Writing tools & hacks: copy writing/blogging/content writing (Udemy)
  • SEO training by Udemy
  • Content marketing masterclass: create content that sells.
  • Writing with flair: how to become an exceptional writer-Udemy.
  • Free content marketing courses online (LinkedIn learning)
  • Creative writing certification course by Wesleyan-Coursera

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What are the different types of content writing?

A key strategy of successful content marketing is to understand what type of content writer you need for any particular project.

Though in general meaning we understand quality writing means generate high traffic & leads to your sits.

But in reality, not all writing follows the same patterns, styles & emotions. As a freelance writer with no experience, you should learn different types of content writing that currently exists in digital marketing world.

At the same time, B2B business should set the goals & purposes of any projects so that they can understand what type of freelance writer they will hire for their desired content.

Here, we’re briefly explaining few types of content writing that you should learn if you start your career as a content writer with zero experience:


  • SEO content writing:
  • Communication & marketing writing
  • Copywriting
  • Ghost writing
  • Technical writing
  • Instructional design
  • Research papers
  • Press release writing
  • Feature writing
  • Business writing
  • Communication & marketing writing
  • Writing on corporate social responsibility

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Where do I get content writing jobs?

There are numerous online freelance job platforms exists for content writer as a beginner. These sites enable content writer to explore new clients & gigs.

Along with these sites offers both part time & full time writing jobs. Fresher content writer can apply the projects which are similar with their niche by submitting their CV, cover letter & past sample works.

Let’s get into sharing few freelance sites name for content writing jobs for freshers:


  • Upwork
  • FlexJobs
  • iWriter
  • CloudPeeps
  • Freelance Writing
  • Indeed
  • JournalismJobs
  • Problogger
  • Contant Content
  • Craigslist
  • BloggingPro
  • Writer Access
  • com
  • Contena
  • Textbroker
  • com

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10 classic steps to become a content writer with no experience:

This may be the common question of many that, how can I start earning as a freelance writer having no experience?


Who will give me job as I’ve no wisdom yet?

This is the classic struggle that all newbie content writer face in their initial stages of writing career.

Well, I’m here to help you how to earn money online as a freelance writer having no experience.

I’ll share 7 classic steps to become a content writer with zero experience.

So, stick with us!

Set proper mindset

Setting strong mindset is a major component to start journey as a content writer having no experience. You need to develop firm mentality as home-based solo-entrepreneur who is looking for work with mutual benefits.

You may leave your 9-5 corporate job in order to fulfill your own independent business.

You may want to be your own boss & want to control each decision of your life.

In this step, lot of people in your surroundings might turn you down by saying that you may make foolish steps for your survival. In such case, you need to have proper mindset to avoid those naysayers.

As a beginner of content writing career, you need to take action. Never get stuck on the feelings that I will take course, complete 5 books on content writing & land my first job application after next Christmas!

Yes, stop over-stretching so much!

Instead, start your first writing along with your learning courses & books. Taking quick action will bring near to your original dreams.

Build your daily writing habit. Don’t only engage yourself only studying. If you want to pursue your career as a freelance writer then write daily on any topic or project. This daily writing will break your limitations & open immense possibilities.

Be open to receive rejections. As a freelance writer it’s very usual that you will be rejected in 9 out of 10 pitched cold emails.

 All established writer experience rejections & through this process they looking for their potential clients. So instead of being disappointed, learn from failure & fix those issues if have any during pitch to the client.

Be a full-time learner.

Yes, as a freelance writer, you may cause mistake.

Don’t upset.

Instead learn new skills on how to pitch, raise your price, and negotiate with your clients & different types of writing styles. This mindset will ultimately make you as winner on your own paradigm.

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Take some professional courses & certifications

To hone your writing skill, you can enroll on professional online content writing courses. There’re numerous free & paid courses available about how to become a content writer.

Professional courses are important because when you start working with clients you need to complete tough projects within strict guidelines. To meet such writing challenges skillfully, you need course guidelines for more empowerment.

You can acquire technical writing certificate by taking any projects. It will educate you how to write user guide & documents. It will also enhance your project management skill as well.

To expand your skill in professional writing program, you can also do internship in local publication or ad agency houses. In this process, you might have to write for free, but you will gain important experience & connection which will help you to build your career.

Take mentorship of expert content writer who can give you extensive suggestion & advice to explore your potentials.

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Select your niche skillfully:

Once you determine that you will build your career as a content writer, so select a specific niche is a prior requirement.

Well, then, what is niche?

Niche is an area of your specialization. You can select topic or industry in which area you will build your writing expertise.

For a successful content writer, you need to select your niche initially by following ways:

  • Find your own area of knowledge & expertise.
  • Identify your passion that about what type of topic you feel interested to write.
  • Evaluate market opportunities & profitability’s of your chosen topic.
  • Check out the online places where you can seek clients for your chosen niche.
  • Keep learning to expand your expertise on your niche.

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Create a writer’s website with samples

If you want to start your career as freelance content writer, it’s fundamental requirements to have a professional website.

Because, behind the logic is very simple. If you want to buy your next best stylish black trousers or Alovera Jells for your skin, you will browse those products’s website.

Having a website gives a sense of trust & validation.

When you sink your feet at freelance world, you need a website for your clients’ verification of your competency.

Potential freelance clients have very little interest about your formal degree or GPA score.

Instead, they will evaluate your sample work that you published in your website.

This digital presence will ensure your hiring probability more than 10X just having a formal resume.

A professional writer’s website usually bears following features

  • About me
  • Services/Hire me
  • Portfolio
  • Contact page

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Initiate your own blogging

As a beginner of content writing profession, starting your own blog will give you another boost to have your freelance client.

Having your own blog is worth for long-term investment. Consistent blogging actually attracts right kind of audience for your writing business.

Another key feature of blogging, that, it will flourish your expertise in your field.

These growing skills will create more room of hooking profitable clients for your niche.

To build your own blog is actually need very little investment. If you start a new local business, you might need huge investment but starting a blog is very economic with great output.

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Create your samples
As a newbie of content writing business, you need develop your relevant samples. Of course, your samples must have to be your niche-oriented. Suppose, if your niche is digital marketing but you prepare your samples on parenting will doesn’t make any sense in such case. So, use proper discretion in this case. Your writing sample will bear the testimony of your writing style, pattern & tone. This will enhance your opportunity to land your first writing gig. You can publish your samples on or LinkedIn publisher. You can also keep your samples in Google docs. Once you prepare your samples, try to publish few samples in your portfolio page of your freelance writing website.
Get ready for guest posting

Guest posting is another means to improve novice freelance writer writing portfolio.

It opens the opportunity to market your freelance writing service.

Guest posting is writing post for another blog. It paves the way for exposure, trust, relationship & link building.

Through guest posting you can attract your potential clients quite easily.

Try to start your guest posting in high authority pages.

To identify guest post sites in google, you can type your niche+write for us & tap enter for the result.

Suppose, your niche is digital marketing, so type in Google digital marketing+write for us & press enter.

Eventually, all the relevant website who’re looking for guest post writer for their websites will be appeared. You click those links & follow their required formalities.

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Publish your writing on Medium & LinkedIn as free

As a content writer with no experience, it’s super-important to publish your work on Medium & LinkedIn as free.

All famous industry experts on writing business publish their article on Medium. Through publishing your blog post on Medium you can attract potential audience, build a larger follower base & even come in contact with larger publications.

Those new freelance content writers, who’ve not set up your own website yet, start blogging on Medium as getting exposure.

Medium has their own “Partner Program” through which you can earn money for your best writings.

LinkedIn is another gold mine for attracting potential clients. Through LinkedIn you can also start networking with all industry experts & mentor writers who can help you for your career improvement as well.

Hence, utilize your “write an article” option & publish your piece of work.

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Create profile for content mills

Content mills are a stepping stone platform especially for a freelance content writer as a beginner.

Though content mills pay minimum salary to the writers compared to standard rate, but it’s good for building initial portfolio & pay the bills.

Still lot of writers might complain about editor’s revise policy & confusing guidelines, but still as a entry level content writer, you should go for a piece of work to market yourself for future better clients.

It’s good recommendation of many that don’t pay huge time on content mills. After doing few assignments, go for other channels to seek good client’s attention.

Join Facebook Groups to Seek More Clients:

Do you know that, Facebook group for writers are just amazing opportunity for landing your next project?

Yes, it makes perfect sense!

Through joining your niche-based Facebook group, below support you’ll get:

  • Make relationship & network with industry expert writers & potential clients.
  • Market yourself by sharing your blogposts, articles, case studies & whitepapers etc.
  • Engage yourself in fruitful discussion of niche-based various queries.

So, keep yourself more engaged & highlighted, start joining relevant Facebook groups:

Here, we’re sharing few famous Facebook groups for writers:

  • Writers helping writers
  • The Writer Life Community
  • The Freelance Content Marketing Writer
  • Smart Passive Income Kindle Group
  • Inner Circle Writer Group
  • Female Freelance Writers
  • Biz & Booze
  • Goal Digger Podcast Insiders

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After the extensive discussion of 10 classic steps to become a freelance content writer with no experience might come handy & useful for you. If you keep your hard work & focus persistently along with these useful steps to be a content writer with zero experience, you must achieve your dream with the short span of time.

So, don’t hesitate & start acting!