Can we really respect a single/deserted woman in society?

Chowdhury Fatima Rokon Tuli

The Author

Though I have no dedicated blog for my idea sharing but I am always quite open in Social media about burning issues which might be very mundane but very important for our socio-economic context.

Today I am writing the regular condemnation that we have heard from verious circle from society about women’s verginity without husband.It is a quite crucial topic so before sharing take my apology to highlight this .But according to me it is not shameful to discuss rather it might alter our negative perception about judging woman without marital status.

Before that I am going to elaborate that just clarify I am not a feminist or anti-mesculine mentality.But in our society,it is so common query specially from men/woman irrespective of gender who are over curious that how can a single woman can survive without a man and my context in here specially with sexual intercourse not financial dependency.As per those target audiance,a single woman without a man can not belongs with celibacy and she(single woman) must involve with any illicit sexual intercourse with any guy having without committment.So curious question mark starring to single lady that except her medical verginity test nobody can assume really she has not involved any sexual relationship which having no proper social tag.My query to those super-curious audience that,3/4 decades back when woman got married early ages and became widow at age of 30/35, did they all get marry multiple times or involved in illegal sexual relation.They might be all our grand ma generation.They survived even 30/40 years without any partner. Hence,sex is important biological intercourse but it is not life that without having this any single/deserted woman will go astray or involved in perverted relationship.Without sex human society will not flourished so of course it is vital to keep this flow.

My request to all those curious audience that before judging anyone pls know her first then pls validate.Because this type of exclamatory question is not only embarrassing but also idiotic for your respective knowledgeable. Give respect and then earn respect.We are not living in dark age rather digital age.So digital mindset of course important maintaining social norms and obligations.Thanks and just wrote so long column as sometimes it created very hassle to woman. pls broad our insights quite extent and try to less intrusive in other’s private matters.


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