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Hellow all audience, hope you are doing good.I am going to share my little & tiny experience about how to make successful & effective training for the new joiner or freshers irrespective of any industry like BPO, Health Care, Sale & Marketing etc.First of all, when we listen the word “Training”, it gives idea of some monotonous & boring stereotype announcement , policies, instructions , coerce discipline, tight exam etc which is suffocating & prison-like experience in terms of audience or trainees who are freshers as their maturity is very naive & swallow.So, what would be the strategy to attract them this prison-like training as attractive one? Very fundamental questions for a trainer & training manager. Hence I am quite giving some narrative strategies which has been taken from my real life experience while I used to work in BPO & not copy-paste from Google but tools & tactic having quite similarity in various articles available in Google sites so pls dont blame my-self that I am doing plagiarism as these notions are common & universal.

So, get back to actual discussion that top few proven techniques, I am going to share in below which might helpful for conducting any training as meaningful & worthy.

Easy Technique details for freshers:

Introduce with warm & amicable manner:

As fresher when first enter any training so it seems quite strange for themselves not only for environment but also lot of unknown people. Hence, trainers or instructors first introduce him/herself with big smile & warm greetings.Give introduction very simple manner of name, professional position, few habits like watching movie,gardening, travelling etc,In addition, give brief description that how much he/she is passionate about training & give some historical example of how did previous training was so enjoyable which create a primary training type mindset among youth trainees.

Physical movement & eye contacts:

This is one of the thumbs of rules for the trainers that they will not be very stiff in physical movement or avoid too many gesture-posture, remove the tendency of shrug-off, never show-off audacity or too serious facial expression, maintain joly & cordial behavior, proper use of voice modulation during speech, use simple language to avoid linguistic behavior & finally neat & tidy dress code. And of course, do meaningful eye-contact with trainees for their mind reading & concentration.

Create comfortable training environment

Training environment doesn’t only means the physical atmosphere in training room like projector, laptop/PC, AC installation but also ambiance of making cozy to trainees that they can enjoy training by having coffee/tea,random intervals, story-telling ,inspiring video sharing , small chit-chat etc.This ambiance create psychological comfort among freshers which will be more productive for successful training.

Declaring basic rules & regulations:

It is pivotal important that trainer need to share basic rules such as adherence,on time entry-exit , break, attention, assignment submission etc to all trainees. So while declaring these features , of course do it with serious note but not terrifying voice. Better, pls share these listed basic discipline through hard copy at the very first day so that all trainees have mental preparedness do’s & dont’s list.

Melting Iceberg:

Melting iceberg is very vital in training room. First need to understand , what is “melting iceberg” & what are the basic strategies? Melting iceberg is breaking silence & create familiarity among trainees with each other. Initially, Trainer can welcome trainees to come front of all & give some highlights about name, family, living place, education, ambitions , hobbies etc.Apart from this first day ice-breaking, trainer will continue this process in various interval i.e to seat & make a group to interact with each other, give a common puzzle/ game in a group, assign a group role play , forming a common group to share common feelings about their favorite movies/ games & what is reason to specify etc. It is just awesome to create hot & frolic atmosphere in training room which correspondingly create opportunity of further meaningful interaction & dialogue. At the same time, it eliminates shyness & nervousness within this youth blood.

Affirming organizational mission & vision:

In this area, trainer need to give very simple but common key areas of organizational mission & vision to trainees but pls dont bother them with huge slides & organogram. It is just considered as information garbage to this fresh trainees.

Training topic details , course outline & exam process:

This is just extreme important phase to specify the details understanding about course outline, topic areas, agendas, duration of completion, exam method, certification threshold score etc. But make it sure dont make trainees with bulk contents & syllabus of training along with avoiding negative word like “Pass/fail” in certification to trainees which might cause attrition & self-elimination.

Course materials quality & sharing:

This is spectacular importance for any worthy training . Trainer need to make training slide with most important & focal points of information instead of narrative ones . Pls use bullet & number along with some animation presentation for eye-catching. Along with pls use back ground color as light . Using of dark color is highly preventive.Along with , pls share common training materials either it is form of hard copy, soft copy, audio/video materials , question bank, model questions etc to trainees from very be-gaining of the training class for home preparedness & study.

Avoidance & use of Jargon word:

Trainers need to understand that his/her skill are not same as trainees so using of Jargon from the very begaining is avoided but gradually stated with clear understanding of the meaning . Suppose from the very first day trainer use “TAT” but dont define what is its elaboration & meaning is just create cloudy environment. So need to inform that “TAT ” meaning “Turn around time” & what is relevance it with business.

Conducting & educating the core training

Now come to actual points that how should we conduct training. Pls start with small bites which culminated towards the complex one.Also keep match topic wise relevance during educating particular module or policies. And pls always share real life illustration while educating any topic. Suppose trainer has been given training the easy but attractive way for sales pitch then along with theoretical Trainer much specify the example of buyers & sellers with dialogue, magic words in sales pitch & delivering key information. In Call Center training, trainer can play live call or live demonstration of particular product & service wise topic to easy understanding of trainees.

Inter activeness & Q&A session :

While conducting training, it is basic hygine for the trainers that after ending each topic will ask questions & answers to trainees to realize basic training efficacy & depth of understanding of trainees.Pls dont make it monologue without asking queries to trainees as it is just wastage of time.

Arranging simulation & gaming:

I just love this area of training. Simulation means creating environment of real life or role play to understand real life environment. Therefore, trainer need to use his/her pre-readiness preparation of simulation & gaming technique for training session. Suppose if it is Call Center related training, then create environment of live call of satisfied & not satisfied with both customer which has huge impact for call center trainees to understand the tools, communication & service delivery process through this demonstration. Even it alleviate all types of nervousness for flawless communication.In case of Sales training, create artificial environment of buyers & sellers to understand proper selling techniques. In the same way gaming also can be displayed. Along with simulation can be done though recorded real life audio/video.

Regular quiz & exam:

Conducting basic quiz & exam is just act as mirror for the trainers that how his/her trainees absorbed given knowledge & skill. Through exam result, rectification of weak points can be easily identified & eliminated through group discussion.

Medicine of fresh entertainment

Pls eliminate continuous boredom & stucked discussion scenario, arrange some fresh jokes, song play, funny story sharing, review about any contemporary hit movie, leisure habits , nostalgic events, love story etc anything . There is no crisis of talking topics in this world. And this type of open chats & discussion is so meaningful that trainees will starting to love their job environment, lower attrition & of course effective training output at the end of the day.Pls arrange random party like special dress code or one dish party or lunch/dinner party through group fund or group selfi etc . Unlimited fun in this world, trainer need to just apply.

Motivation, Reward & Recognition:

I just love this 3 words Motivation, Rewards & Recognition (MRR) because if you dont motivate trainees they dont develop can-do-attitude as it is very new subject to them, if you dong recognize good progress of trainees they will dont understand their achieved skill level & if you dont give reward then satisfaction level will be undermined. I am not talking about reward will be too huge like for travel tour package in Paris or day long spa in saloon but it can be simple movie ticket, buffet or any chrest of organizational stamped.

Ethical learning

It is huge importance for trainer to give delivery of ethical importance like fair, unfair sale, fatal/not fatal action in sales, poor/fatal customer service, critical/not critical error with customer service & behavior. Apart from that any types of fraudulent & abusive gesture, posture, behavior & use of social network regarding organization related etc awareness need to be given gradually from the very begaining to end of training. It is not a burger that consume at a once rather give it slowly but deeply.

Use of social sites of learning & sharing:

Finally in this era of social sites like facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram,trainer need to utilize this. How would be its process, like create a common focus group in FB with associated trainees & sharing the common views, problems, ideas, preferred methodologies, pic sharing etc which created bridge of discussion of training topics.But avoid all types of personal discussion.

Lastly, these are very basic methodologies & strategies that BPO, Sales,Marketing etc can follow for for meaning full learning & core understanding. Because training is an investment for organization & if best outcome not generated then ROI (Rate of Return) will be impacted at the end of the day. Moreover, if my article seems too vast & exhausting pardon me as I told earlier it was real life experience which narrated for actual productivity & efficacy. Might be helpful, thank u to all.


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