10 Practical Weight Loss Tips for Woman to Gain Sound Fitness


In the current modern world, slander & slim woman have been taken as a benchmark of ideal beauty. Consequently, this trending popularity drives all fat & obese women madly to garb all weight loss products that are giving assurance of “rapid reduction” of extra calories.


They became crazy to take various weight loss pills, drugs, supplements, and crash diet programs, workout plans, etc for overnight weight loss without considering its negative impact on the overall wellbeing of their own mental & physical health.


It is estimated that the obesity rate of women in the US is around 39.7%. Market data accounted that the total US weight loss market reached its peak of $78 in 2019. This magnitude gives us the impression of general consumer’s craving for weight loss tips, tricks & products.


Considering the side-effects of so-called “Miracle” weight loss products & programs are many. Stimulant-type drugs cause increased blood pressure, insomnia, fast heart rate, restlessness & drug dependence symptoms. These types of drugs often trigger nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, etc. Even, diet pills often affect neurotransmitters in the brain which are linked with headache, dizziness & dry mouth. 


Are you feeling overwhelmed after reading the above bizarre fact?

Don’t worry!

We are not suggesting you stop your weight loss journey right now. Instead, we will be going to discuss 10 practical weight loss tips for women for gaining sound fitness.


These are very simple to follow & have no single side effects. As it is a natural process, so it will take time but result will be permanent.


So, let’s dive into the discussion:


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Drink Sufficient Water

The simple strategy for weight loss tips for women is to sip sufficient water. Taking water can help you reduce your weight with the least but comfortable effort.

Water is highly essential for hydration which helps to accelerate weight loss, including muscle function & digestion.

Though, there is not sufficient medical evidence about the exact depth of water consumption on weight reduction.

Water gives a sense of satiety which usually controls an individual’s appetite to eat more. Even drinking a glass of water before having anything reduces the desire for unessential snacking.

A scientific study conducted in 2014 where 50 obese women took 500 milliliters (mL) of water 30 minutes before taking their breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with their daily water proportion. They followed it consecutive 8 weeks & experienced lower body weight & body mass index. Even they acknowledged water control their frequent food cravings as well.

Some medical research also found that water is effective in burning extra calories for women. Frequently, we ignore weight gain by taking liquid calories like soda, sweetened tea or coffee, juice, etc. If we replace those with water or other no-calorie beverages like herbal tea that would be beneficial for long-term weight loss for females.

Results of an extensive study showed that men & women who replaced one serving of a sugar-sweetened beverage with water or other low-calorie drink every day for 4 years gained 0.49 fewer kilograms (kg) than their counterparts who made no changes in this regard.

Try to carry a refillable water bottle wherever you go & try to sip drink water whenever you get the scope. It will help you to resist over-eating temptations & burn out extra weight gradually.

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Leave the idea of restrictive diet

As part of weight loss tips, a lot of women follow a restrictive calorie-based diet & avoid taking all types of unhealthy foods. Though it brings weight loss as a result, its existence is temporary.

There are several negative consequences associated with limiting diets on the overall wellbeing of physical & mental health. This type of controlling diet can cause weaker bones & declined fertility.

Regular following low-calorie diet plan can cause slow down your metabolism & muscle loss. This creates challenges to maintain your weight loss objectives for the longer term.

Even restrictive diets can create fatigue & trigger tough situations of nutrient deficiencies that the body requires. Overly restricting calories develop a huge lacking of adequate protein, calcium, Vitamin A, magnesium & biotin & thiamine.

Hence, try to consume enough fruits & vegetables to maintain sound health along with the fulfilling weight loss objectives for women.

Fruits & vegetables involve high quality fiber, water & micronutrients which will give you a feeling of satiety.

Numerous studies showed that there is a direct link between higher fruit consumption & lower weight.

An extensive study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture found that normal-weight individuals-men, women & children- ate more fruits sufficiently than their obese counterparts.

In a meta-analysis of 22 studies on the impact of high-fiber versus low-fiber diet interventions, researchers revealed that the participants on the high-fiber diets who took multiple servings of fruits daily reducing the weight significantly than the participants of low-fiber diets.

Furthermore, to obtain weight loss goals for women, try to keep your diet with plenty of green veggies & salad. Vegetables contain high-quality fibers which keep you full all day long. Along with local & various seasonal vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that are highly essential for a healthy lifestyle.

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Try to get enough sleep

As part of the fat loss diet plan for women, getting enough sleeping is crucial. There are numerous studies that showed, among numerous reasons for obesity; sleep deprivation is one of them.

Scientific research on US adults found that about 30% of adults are sleeping less than 6 hours on most nights.

Several pieces of research revealed that people observed weight gain when they sleep less than seven hours at night.

Even those who are struggling with sleep deprivation have the tendency of increased appetite. The shortage of sleep release more hormones Ghrelin in the stomach which send hunger signal in the brain.

On the other hand, inadequate sleep release Leptin hormone in less from fat cells which usually suppresses hunger.

In addition, when you suffer from sleep deprivation the hormone cortisol triggers at a higher rate. Cortisol is a stress hormone so its maximum presence develops more hunger.

Furthermore, one scientific evidence in women suggested that getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night gave the assurance of weight reduction success by 33%.

So, prioritize to set your regular sleep schedule & follow it regularly to cut extra calories for women.

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Get Physically Active:

Consistent physical activity is highly beneficial for women who desperately looking for weight loss tips & tricks.

When you feel you gain extra weight, getting engaged in physical activity helps you to control your weight by consuming excess calories that would otherwise be stored as fat.

Apart from reducing weight, regular physical activity is also essential for resisting the risks of cardiovascular disease & diabetes. Moreover, productive physical activity is also effective for reducing high blood pressure, minimizing arthritis pain & alleviating symptoms of depression & anxiety.

Now, you may ask a question for weight management how much physical activity is needed.

The answer is there are still no scientific discoveries available about the exact amount of physical activity for weight loss. Usually, it depends upon the individual to individual.

Despite that, for weight management, you can follow up to 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or an equivalent mix of the two each week.

Numerous scientific researches found that physical activity on a regular basis can assist you to maintain your weight over time.

There are a plethora of workout types available for controlling a healthy weight. It depends upon the comfort of individuals about what type of physical activity they will follow.

Endurance activities can include walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, etc. On the other hand, strength activities include bodyweight exercises like push-ups, weightlifting & the use of resistance bands, kettlebells & handgrips.

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Consume healthy supplements

There is a controversy about using supplements as weight loss tips for women; few integrated medicines can assist different hormones, metabolic reactions & neurotransmitters that work with your physiology to shade extra calories more effectively.

Though there is not enough scientific research supporting the claim that those supplements are accurately safe for your health, hence, try to contact your healthcare professional before taking those medicines instantly. 

It is cautionary that try to avoid supplements that contain stimulants, chemicals, & seem like those are produced from warehouse leftover materials. Instead, select those natural ingredients that collaborate with your body to support your weight-loss objectives.

You can monitor several customer reviews, testimonies & success stories regarding any product before selecting it.

Few popular supplements for weight loss are Chitosan, Glucomannan, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Extract, etc.

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Monitor your food intake

As part of your fat-burning tips for women, you need to monitor your food intake consistently & vigilantly. Regular tracking of your food intake gives you valuable wisdom & insights about your eating habits.

Even those reporting will give you information about nutritional deficiency such as vitamins, minerals; dairy those are crucial for maintaining good health.

Those who are determined to lose weight & shred extra fat; need to have a clear log about how many calories they consume daily. For long-term weight management case, you have to consistently eat fewer calories than your body burns each day.

A study conducted on 1600 participants divided these people into two groups. The researcher assigned the same calorie deficit diet for each group. Among these groups, group 1 was only concerned about diet whereas group 2 considered both diet & food tracking.

At the end of the research, the result found that the group who tracked their diet can lose an average of 18Ibs whereas the group that didn’t monitor the diet log reduced an average of 9Ibs.

There are numerous websites & apps available for counting calories nowadays.

Out of several food tracking tools, MyFitnessPal, FatSecret, Cronometer, LoseIt!App, SparkPeople, etc are remarkable regarding their functionality & efficacy in terms of losing extra pounds.

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Put control on having refined carbs

It’s a key suggestion for weight loss diet plan for women to reduce consumption of refined curbs as they have full potential for adding fats in the body.

As refined carbs is a processed carb so it is stripped of maximum fiber, minerals & vitamins during its final filtering. They only contain sugary carbs & empty calories that might be responsible for weight gain.

Another fact body processes refined carbs quite quickly due to which you feel hungry almost the entire day & prone to overeating.

Refined food contain a high-level glycemic index which ensuring only short-term stomach fullness, lasting about an hour.

After having a meal with high refined carbs, blood sugar levels reduce about an hour or two. This situation sends a signal to the brain for more food carvings.

Therefore, it is better to limit having refined carbs like white rice, bagels, breakfast cereals, waffles & pastries, pizza, etc.

Instead, try to consume whole-grain foods like brown rice, oats, buckwheat, barley & quinoa.

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Eat more protein

When you opt for serious weight-loss goals, try to intake protein regularly as it is a super-useful nutrient for losing weight.

Usually, a high-quality protein intake accelerates metabolism, controls appetite & manages several weight-regulating hormones.

According to nutritionist Serena Poon, “Any inconsistency in your hormone levels can impact on hunger & fat storage. A protein-rich diet can suppress hunger hormone ghrelin, which expedites a feeling of a full stomach.”

She also explains,”it is proven that high-protein meals boost the activity of hormone leptin which controls appetite, body-weight & fat mass.

A protein-filled diet helps us to lose weight from fat cells. Normally, our body is a composition of two different kinds of masses, one is known as a fat mass which consists of fat & the other known as a lean mass which is consists of muscle, organs & bones. In the case of losing weight for women, it is better to reduce weight from fat mass than muscle.

A protein-rich menu can help to curtail weight from fat mass.

Instead of consuming a heavy amount of protein, try to consume a smaller amount of protein with every meal.

Few examples of high protein foods for weight loss are corn, black beans, lima beans, potatoes, broccoli, salmon, eggs, cauliflower, oats, beef, chicken breast, tuna, legumes, etc.

By regularly taking smaller portions of protein, you can resist the craving for snacks outside of mealtimes.

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Eat your diet slowly

Another simple but an effective weight loss tip for women that try to have food with a slow pace instead of speedy bites.

It is scientifically proven that those quick eaters are up to 115% more likely to have symptoms of obesity than slower eaters.

Several studies confirmed that people who used to be fast eaters prone to more weight gain over time contrary to those who eat food slowly.

Few hormones usually send a signal to your brain after you taking any meals. Then it consecutively controls your appetite, gives a sense of fullness & prevents further eating.

This process takes almost 20 minutes to complete. Hence, consuming your food slowly can give enough time to your brain to read those signals.

On the contrary, if you eat too fast then your brain will miss these fullness signals & consequently you might be tempted to overeating.

Therefore, try to appreciate every bite you take & chew slowly. Even, also avoid filling large chunks of food in a single fork. Instead, split that portion into two bites for slow consumption.

As a weight loss strategy, it may seem very ordinary, but, in reality, it requires enormous willingness & practice to make it a permanent habit.

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Reduce stress for weight loss

Those women who want to lose weight first then try to control their stress level as it can cause them to put extra pounds on the body.

Researchers found that the increasing amount of stress hormone cortisol tends to put extra fat in the body.


Normally, the hormone cortisol is naturally generated by your body. Whenever your stress level is high, your adrenal glands release adrenaline & cortisol. 


Consequently, glucose is circulated into your bloodstream. All this process is done to provide you the energy you need to fight a risky situation. This condition is also known as the fight or flight response. 


Overexposure to cortisol & other stress hormones can disrupt many other body processes such as weight gain, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, headaches, sleep problem, heart disease, etc.


In addition to stress-related hormonal changes, stress can force you to engage in other unhealthy habits such as:


  • emotional eating for temporary relief
  • skipping exercising routine
  • consuming food that is available as fast food with proper planning
  • avoiding breakfast or meals for other busyness
  • trouble in a regular sleeping

To break this undesirable situation, try to engage with some stress-relief strategies like practicing yoga & mindfulness, reading good books, listening to sweet music, or going on a brisk walk as part of your daily routine.


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Bottom Line

To promote healthy, sustainable weight loss, you can follow the above weight loss tips as part of your daily habits.

Though there are multiple factors related to weight loss apart from diet & exercise, however, significant lifestyle modification can ensure permanent weight loss for women.